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Best Alcohol Treatment Centers In California

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances. It’s readily available, socially accepted, and legal, unlike most addictive substances. While many people are able to control their consumption of alcohol, others drink too much and too often, leading to addiction. The risk factors for developing alcoholism,  include a family history of alcohol use disorder, binge drinking at least once a week, and mental health illnesses such as anxiety or depression. If you realize you have a high tolerance for alcohol, cannot control your intake, and are drinking despite financial, social, or legal consequences, you should consider getting treatment.

At The Heavenly Center, we’re one of the best alcohol treatment centers in California. We offer individuals suffering from alcoholism a chance at attaining sobriety through the finest treatments.

The Benefits and Features of Our Alcohol Treatment Center Vs. Traditional Rehab Treatment Centers, and What Makes Us the Best

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), behavioral therapies, and peer counseling are treatment modalities found at traditional alcohol rehab centers. You’ll also find them at free alcohol rehab centers. MAT is essential during detoxification and the first stages of recovery to manage withdrawal symptoms and help curb cravings.

Behavioral therapies at traditional facilities enable you to change destructive habits and patterns of thought that trigger alcohol use. They also assist you in dealing with distressing emotions that lead to using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

In addition, peer counseling is available in traditional rehabs through group therapy. During meetings, you’ll interact with others who are dealing with issues similar to yours under the guidance of a psychologist.

At The Heavenly Center, we also offer medication for alcohol rehab treatment in California. However, our services are more diverse and personalized. For instance, we offer cannabis-assisted treatment, a modality you’ll not find at any traditional alcohol treatment center. Cannabis has the potential to combat drug and alcohol use disorders by preventing cravings, alleviating mental health issues, and providing relief for various medical conditions.

Therapy That Works for You

We include individual counseling and group therapies in our alcohol rehab programs in CA. Unlike the programs at other facilities, our approach is less restrictive. For instance, we don’t use the 12-step program. The 12-step is a popular model of recovery established by Alcoholics Anonymous for use by peer groups. It provides guidance for recovery, and one is expected to complete all the 12 steps.

This method asserts that unless you follow the principles it places emphasis on, you’ll not be able to recover fully. It requires you to admit powerlessness to your addiction and is based on religious ideas that aren’t convenient for everyone.

At our premier facility, we believe that you shouldn’t be confined to one type of treatment. Neither should you be pressured to participate in a program that disagrees with your personal beliefs or culture. That is why our group therapy is open to all despite religious affiliations, gender, sexuality, race, and other identities.

Unique, Tried, and Tested Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The uniqueness of our programs combined with our variety of therapies has ranked us among the best alcohol treatment centers in California. Moreover, our low-cost addiction treatment in CA makes our top-of-the-line treatments easily accessible to you or your loved one. Contact The Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW.