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Drug rehab in Vancouver is not just an option but a necessity. Addiction is a powerful force that ensnares tens of millions of Canadians and Americans alike. Fraser Valley Treatment Center helps you get back to your fully capable self.

How dangerous is drug addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction destroys lives, including the lives of those around us. Health concerns range from liver failure to brain damage. The more you abuse, the more likely you are to need hospital care. Over time, the cost of drugs, alcohol, and care far outweighs the overall cost of treatment.

Those around us are particularly affected by our conditions. Families continue to dissolve in the face of abuse. Nearly 50,000 children are in foster care in our country. Many are the result of interventions resulting from drug and alcohol abuse. Divorce, criminal penalties, and the psychological effects of addiction destroy our most important bonds.

How serious is addiction?

If you are suffering from addiction, you are not alone. Twenty-one-point-six percent of Canadians abuse drugs. Commonly abused substances include cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol, and even painkillers.

Risk of death for substance abuse is substantially high. Chronic usage led to a thirty percent higher risk of disease-related death in addition to the risk of overdose. Roughly 3,286 Canadians lost their lives to opioid overdoses in 2018.

Where can I find help for substance abuse?

Many perceive substance abuse as a disease and seek to treat the symptoms rather than solve the problem. Abuse is psychological. There is no permanent resolution to the problem. The most effective treatment options give you the power to overcome your illness and set you in a lifestyle helping to tackle the urge to use.

The immensely popular and useful Alcoholics Anonymous in the United States serves as a model for this type of treatment. Nearly 75 percent of the group’s members remain abstinent compared to a relapse rate of nearly 90 percent.

Compassionate treatment near Vancouver

Fraser Valley Treatment Center treats recovery as a journey, not unlike the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our doctors and certified health professionals understand your situation better than family and friends and strive to place you in an atmosphere conducive of recovery.

Our experienced and diverse staff help you break the connections leading to relapse. Our use of equine therapy helps establish bonds that can last a lifetime. Get on top of your problems with our cutting-edge programs and productive therapy programs.

Drug rehab in Vancouver

Drug and alcohol abuse are not simple matters. Nothing is more powerful than knowledgeable professions offering a helping hand in an appropriate environment.

Continuing to let your addiction issues run your life effects more than your own health. Your family and friends are impacted by the decisions you make.

Fraser Valley Treatment Center takes a proven approach to getting on top of your abuse. Our standard and cognitive care coupled with animal-related treatment methods helps patients learn critical coping mechanisms to stay on top of their cravings and return to a productive and healthy life. Get in touch today.



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