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Rehab in Vancouver offers stunning scenery, a change of pace, and the caring environment you deserve. The professional staff at Fraser Valley Treatment help you get back on your feet with helpful treatments aimed at empowerment rather than merely treating symptoms.

Why is my drug addiction so dangerous?

Addiction is not only harmful to ourselves but to those around us. Alcohol addiction leads to increased irritability, depression, and symptoms which impact everyone. Cravings for any drugs make us unbearable to be around.

Nearly 50,000 children are in the Canadian foster care system. Many are the result of parents addicted to substances. The toll we take on those we love is insurmountable.

What is the cost of addiction?

The cost of drugs and alcohol far outweighs that of treatment. An alcoholic may spend hundreds of dollars every week on their chosen substance. The cost of harder drugs is astronomical.

Healthcare and legal costs climb as well. Substance abusers are thirty percent more likely to catch a somatic disease and thousands of Canadians died of an overdose in 2018. Prison sentences, court dates, and attorney fees quickly add to the cost of abuse while some jurisdictions mandate jail time.

Hidden costs are equally damaging. Addiction correlates directly to an increase in unemployment, homelessness, and other crippling issues.

How widespread are addiction problems?

Addiction afflicts 21.6 percent of the Canadian population. There is a one-in-five chance that your neighbor suffers from the same illness you do.

Substance abuse is a world problem. In over fifty million Americans suffer from addiction issues related to drugs and alcohol as well.

Can I treat addiction?

The purpose of rehabilitation is not to treat the symptoms of your illness but to help you cope with cravings and establish and environment and behaviors that empower you to succeed. When treated only as an illness, ninety percent of users relapse.

We understand the pain of our tens of millions of users. Care, compassion, and a nurturing environment are among the leading factors in recovery. This approach backs some of the most successful programs in the world including Alcoholics Anonymous which sees a 75 percent success rate instead of an enormous relapse rate.

Equine therapy

Fraser Valley treatment not only strives to provide the best environment for you to recover and break the social circles and patterns of behavior driving your cravings, we offer cutting edge therapies and care. Our animal program is just one of the ways we seek to keep you from relapsing.

Animals form an undeniable bond with humans. Horses are no different. We help sufferers of addiction achieve form healthy and productive relationships starting one horse at a time.

Rehab in Vancouver

From mountains to the ocean, our province is filled with natural splendor away from the circles fueling your addiction. Fraser Valley Treatment utilizes the power of our great wilderness and the unbreakable bond with animals in addition to proven methods of recovery to help you break free of the vice grip of drugs and alcohol.

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