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More than 15 million people were battling drug addiction in 2016. The inpatient treatment facility has a high standard of treatment that often promises efficiency to all forms of addictions. The comprehensive treatment options at our treatment centre in Abbotsford is home to anyone dealing with drugs, mental stress, or emotional upheavals.

What stops people from seeking admission to a treatment center?

People dealing with unseen struggles such as stress or depression may not feel safe opening up to their partners. The illness will convince your brain that you are worthless and weak. The patient may withdraw from society and dismiss the fact that professional intervention is the only way out. Prompt treatment is much better than a delayed one, which could never happen if the issue escalates to death.

Sometimes the complications of seeking treatment have nothing to do with the illness. External barriers are real problems to most people below the average economic standard:

  • Cost of insurance
  • Cost of travel to the facility
  • Shortage of accommodation in the preferred center
  • Concerns on the care of their children

How to get admission into a treatment center

Seeking treatment is more important than staying at home with your family. Your loved ones will learn to appreciate your commitment to improvement. They will love the new you when they understand the treatment process through an outpatient treatment service.

Admissions into a treatment center should be accessible when you can make payments through several modes. Some facilities accept Medicare or have an extended range of acceptable insurance programs. Our facility arranges in-house financing and accepts payments by Cheque, Mastercard, and Visa.

Make the first phone call

Rehab centers have staff on standby waiting for your request. The person will immediately assess your information and offer admissions. The first call will typically involve giving your name, address, birth date, and employment history. You will also answer questions about the substance abuse history to detail the primary drug and length of using it.

Non-drug related issues would have questions that revolve around the matter at hand. Collecting the following records may prove useful before calling it for admission.

  • Medical data
  • Behavioral and mental state concerns
  • Regularity and amount of drug use
  • Family history of depression, anger or drug abuse
  • Insurance information

Consider the location

Some people prefer to seek treatment in their locality while others would instead enjoy the joys of a new place. Residents of Abbotsford will love our facility at Satchell Street. Distant patients should consider their monetary power before booking an admission. The remote treatment provides convenient anonymity and makes it easier for one to indulge in the treatment programs fully.

Arrival at the Treatment centre at Abbotsford

After making up your mind, travel to our facility for integration into the system. The intake process will examine several mental and medical records to tailor a plan that suits your state. Admissions will usually have the following stages:

  • Initial assessment
  • Stabilizing the patient
  • Preparation for long term recovery

Our online admissions page is a straightforward form that needs minimal entries for us to begin processing your intake.


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