Addiction Specialist – Craig Fluter, CSAC

Craig Fluter, Founder of Westcoast Interventions and acknowledged as Canada‚Äôs Leading Interventionist by Together We Can Recovery, has been an active member of the Vancouver recovery community since 2005. Craig Fluter has worked in all areas of addiction Recovery from the downtown East Side streets of Vancouver to Executive Director of a detox and treatment centre. As a result of this experience, in 2014 Craig launched West Coast Interventions. He earned his Addictions Counselling Diploma from Vancouver Community College and has maintained certification. In addition, Craig holds Certificates in Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent Intervention, Anger Management and Medication Management for Health Care Workers

Craig spent six years as the Detox Supervisor at the Cordova Detox Facility on the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver.  He specialized in Withdrawal Management. After that, Craig worked at The Orchard Treatment Centre as an Extended Care Counsellor.  He facilitated group counselling sessions and helped clients individually as a step work coach.

Above all, Craig has been performing Interventions with exceptionally high success rates in terms of treatment admissions.  Moreover, Craig is immensely skilled in addiction counselling, treatment and after-care planning.  As a result of this, his ability to speak with those struggling through compassion and a non-judgmental approach, but holding firm boundaries is what makes him extremely successful in achieving positive outcomes.

Driven by his passion for recovery, Craig has worked with countless individuals and their families conveying his knowledge, experience and insight around issues related to addiction, relationships and trauma.  With a unique portfolio of professional accreditations combined with a number of holistic approaches.  Most importantly, Craig is a truly progressive and inspirational individual.   He offers a unique skill set to those in need of counselling or interventions.

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