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Addictions Specialist – Dr. Joel Kailia, MD

Dr. Joel Kailia has been treating people with chronic pain and addictions for over fifteen years. He believes in an interdisciplinary approach to help his patients learn self-management skills so that they take their health into their own hands. Dr. Kailia has training in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, and interdisciplinary pain management. He uses all of these skills to treat people’s minds, bodies, and souls. In his spare time, Dr. Joel enjoys riding his bicycle, back country skiing, doing yoga, and playing with his puppy, Mija

Dr. Kailia is a GP specialist in chronic pain and addictions from Nelson, BC. He has been treating chronic pain for over 16 years. Since becoming a General Practitioner, Dr Kailia has sought to care for those active in addiction and recovery, opening clinics to help those often overlooked by standard healthcare clinics. 

Dr. Kailia holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University in physiology and psychology and a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto in neuroscience and the study of pain. He also trained in family medicine at UBC before his various clinical experiences brought him to Fraser Valley Wellness

Dr Kailia brings his expertise in addiction to Fraser Valley Wellness Center to provide opioid replacement therapy, chronic pain treatment, and general medical services to our clients, even providing pre-admission screening to potential intake clients to ensure they are healthy and have the best chance at success as they start their journey to recovery.

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