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Adequate treatment is vital to recovery from substance abuse. Only an estimated 20% of all addicts receive treatment, and this is why there’s a substance abuse epidemic across the country. Now, there are many different recovery programs available such as inpatient and outpatient options. Call Clear Life Recovery if you’re looking for inpatient rehab in Costa Mesa.

Why is substance abuse such a serious epidemic across the US?

There is a myriad of economic, social, and hereditary factors that influence addiction. There are also numerous different types of substances that cause addiction, ranging from illicit drugs, OTC drugs, alcohol to prescription medicines. Considering psychological factors are often triggers for substance abuse, rising mental health problems significantly impact addiction statistics.

In adults, substance abuse is often down to family history or psychological issues. So, to understand how to treat substance abuse, we should also look at the root causes of these psychological triggers. Some essential reasons include things like unemployment and trauma. This is why therapy and counseling are such an integral part of any effective drug treatment program.

In teenagers, the triggers are often a family history of violence or drug use and peer pressure. The internet and the growing use of social media have a significant impact on the increasing abuse of substances. It’s now easier for youth to obtain drugs and to quickly spread influence via things like social media.

The difference between inpatient and outpatient programs

The primary difference between the two is that inpatient programs offer treatment inside the rehab facility, while outpatient programs don’t. With residential inpatient programs, the patient lives at the rehab center 24/7 and away from their drug use environment. If you’re looking for excellent inpatient rehab in Costa Mesa, contact us, and we’ll answer any queries.

Because residential programs offer closer supervision, they are most suitable for those with severe addictions who are incapable of functioning on their own. Most recovery programs often start with detoxing (eliminating the substance from your body) and then transition into residential treatments.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) allow patients to live at home and only spend a few hours weekly at the clinic for treatment. These patients can cope on their own while successfully reacting to triggers without relapsing. They are suitable for those at the latter stages of recovery treatment.

When to seek treatment for substance abuse

When it comes to substance abuse, the earlier a patient receives treatment, the better. It’s important to understand that substance abuse is a chronic condition, and it’s possible to relapse several times in life. This is particularly true for individuals who wait until the addiction is severe to receive treatment.

Early warning signs of drug abuse include physical changes such as extreme weight fluctuations, intense mood swings, and compulsive drug use. If a person can’t function in their daily life properly, it is time to seek treatment.

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