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Fraser Valley Treatment Centre

Have a friend, relative, or loved one in need of drug and-or alcohol addiction therapy? Fraser Valley Wellness Center can help. Fraser Valley Wellness is a private, fully licensed, confidential treatment center located in Abbotsford, British Columbia in Western Canada. We offer innovative therapy programs at affordable rates for disorder and drug and-or alcohol addiction at our treatment center.

It is difficult to watch someone you care about struggle with drugs and alcohol. Sometimes the solution is to remove an addict from a toxic environment to get away from negative forces. A fresh scene, away from the place where things went wrong and the influence of others, can give a positive outlook on the future and improve the odds of a successful drug and alcohol rehab therapy.

Set in a scenic, safe and comfortable rural environment in BC, Canada, Fraser Valley Wellness promotes a healthy lifestyle, value oriented choices, and skills and education to support our patients in achieving long term recovery. We utilize exceptional medical services, group therapy, individualized counseling and programs tailored to the needs and circumstances of each client. Our staff includes medical doctors and professional therapists with decades of experience in successful disorder, drug and-or alcohol addiction treatment.

On-site yoga therapy and expressive arts therapy are also available at Fraser Valley Wellness to aid in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Benefits of Treatment in Canada

Seeking an addiction treatment centre away from home has many advantages:

  • Many cities may not have quality treatment centres available. Expanding the geographical possibilities allows much more selection so that you can choose the program that is truly best for you
  • Travelling puts you in a better frame of mind for change and a fresh start
  • Getting away from triggers and harmful influences (stress, pressure from friends, bad habits) can help reduce the desire to continue to use
  • A different environment means more privacy, less chance that others will find out about your situation. Being away lets you focus entirely on yourself, without the worry of the judgement of others
  • Checking into a drug and alcohol treatment centre doesn’t mean you can’t walk out, but it is more difficult to quit a program and walk away when you are far from home without a familiar environment and friends and family to facilitate it
  • Being away from home gives a greater degree of separation, allowing you to concentrate more on yourself and getting better, away from the day to day worries of family, work, etc.
  • Close proximity and a strong exchange rate make Fraser Valley Wellness a practical choice for US residents

Choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center is one of the first of many decisions in the journey to a better, healthier life. An experienced professional at Fraser Valley Wellness can help assess your circumstances and guide you in making the best choice for you and your situation.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre

The right program, the best team, the idyllic setting, are all reasons to choose Fraser Valley Wellness Center for yourself or a loved one in need of help. Ask your facilitator for more details if the person being treated is arriving from outside of Canada.

Take the first step towards a new, healthier, happier life by giving us a call or scheduling a free, no obligation consultation for Fraser Valley Wellness Center.