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Fraser Valley Treatment Centre

Have a friend, relative, or loved one in need of private rehab and addiction therapy? Fraser Valley Wellness Center may be your solution. We are a fully licenced, British Columbia treatment center that specializes in treating alcohol, drug and addictive disorders. We are located in Abbotsford, BC. Privacy and affordable rates for drug and alcohol addiction are available with Fraser Valley Wellness Center.

Wherever you may be in Canada, there are advantages in removing an addicted individual from the environment that has been fueling their downfall. It is extremely hard to watch the life of someone you love spiral out of control. In many instances, the addicted person has already tried rehab treatment locally. However, they end up being lured by negative influences and leave before completing their treatment program. Removing an addict from a toxic environment increases the distance, decreases the negative influence and improves the odds of a successful treatment.

A fresh scene, away from the environment where things went wrong and the influence of others, can give a positive outlook on the future. Set in a safe and comfortable rural environment in BC, Fraser Valley Wellness promotes a healthy lifestyle, value oriented choices, and skills and knowledge to empower our patients to achieve long term recovery.

At Fraser Valley Wellness we attain results by supplying exceptional medical services, group therapy, individualized counseling and referrals, and by supporting individualized client wellness. Our staff consists of medical doctors and professional therapists, with decades of experience in successful disorder and addiction treatment.

Treatment Methods

Fraser Valley Wellness uses the latest in holistic treatment strategies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Exposure Response to reveal and focus on the triggering causes of the disorder and-or addiction being addressed. All are proven effective methods that teach new skills and strategies to help an individual repair and rebuild their life into one worth living.

Located in a rural setting in BC, Fraser Valley Wellness Center’s therapy provides an innovative, non-threatening environment with indirect therapeutic guidance, where therapist and client can work together to recognize and focus on a range of emotional and behavioral challenges.

Yoga and Art therapy are also utilised at Fraser Valley Wellness.

Yoga therapy employs yoga postures, breathing, meditation and directed imagery to assist in mental and physical healing. The holistic emphasis of fostering the healing and integration of mind, body and spirit is the nucleus of yoga therapy treatment.

Art therapy engages various creative approaches like drawing, painting, collage, coloring or sculpting to help people express and better understand their feelings and emotions with the guidance of the art therapist. The therapist can then help them move on to resolve deeper, past issues that may still be negatively affecting their lives.

It is these holistic approaches to therapy, combined with traditional treatments, that makes Fraser Valley Wellness so successful and unique in the treatment of disorders and drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre

Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or a mental disorder, can have a devastating effect on your life and the lives of those around you. Each person seeking treatment is very different and therefore the ideal treatment for one may be ineffective for another. At Fraser Valley Wellness Center, we combine new and innovative therapies, with established treatments for a wide variety of individual solutions.

The right program, the finest staff, the ideal setting, are all reasons to choose Fraser Valley Wellness Center for yourself or a loved one in need. Our center is located a short 10 minutes from the Abbotsford International airport. Ask your facilitator for more details if the person being treated is coming from another province.

Take the first step towards a new and better life by giving us a call or scheduling a free, no obligation consultation for alcohol and drug addiction, or disorder treatment in BC.