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Substance Abuse Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist – Dr. Shah Farhan Khan MBBS, FRCPC, MRCPsych, DIPHSM

Dr. Shah Farhan Khan has over 16 years of experience as a psychiatrist. At Fraser Valley Wellness, Dr. Khan diagnoses and treats disorders, substance abuse and addictions. Spanning multiple cultures, his track record of precise evaluation and impeccable ethics makes him a valuable team member, especially in diagnosing disorders, addictions and substance abuse.

Dr. Khan’s experience is invaluable in the area of pharmacology and substance abuse where he continually researches any cutting-edge data available. His extensive experience in the ER with acute psychiatric and substance abuse cases allows him to remain composed in any circumstances. Dr. Khan has an innate ability to diagnose disorders beneath the surface of substance abuse.

Dr. Khan’s extensive background makes him an ideal facilitator of successful dual-diagnosis treatment, especially with concurrent disorders. His effective treatment empowers patients by including them in the analysis and discussion of their own recovery plan, ending their cycle of substance abuse.

Dr. Khan specializes in cross-cultural treatment plans for disorders, addictions and substance abuse. Dr. Khan and our team of medical professionals can help overcome addictions and abuse. Give us a call, or schedule your free PHONE CONSULTATION on disorders, addictions and substance abuse.