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Activists and lawmakers are rallying behind new methods of treating drug addictions. The traditional 12 step program is not only a bore, but it is also highly ineffective for active drug users. The programs in place only work to sensitize the same thoughts over and over again, ultimately leading to the same end.

What makes an unconventional rehab centre in Vancouver? Medical professionals and drug rehab experts are adapting expansive ways of arousing more feelings, thoughts, and healing from patients. They, therefore, incline towards inventive means of applying the same lessons, in more intensive ways. Our rehab facility has several new world treatment options that dive deep into the psyche of the severe drug user.

Unique treatment programs at Fraser Valley Detox

  • Employee addiction recovery
  • Yoga
  • Equine therapy
  • Dialectical therapy


Yoga is a true soulmate of drug addiction treatment. The traditional 12-step program aims to retrieve the mind from detrimental and overactive thoughts. Yoga does the same thing by bringing awareness of the person’s thoughts to the forefront.

An Associate Professor at the Psychiatry and Behavioral Unit of Stanford University did an exam to study the effects of Yoga on the brain. He established that regular practice inhibited a substantial amount of dopamine surge. He also noted that the controlled breathing pattern restored the body to its previous default health status.

We can all attest to this truth because most people have hurried breathing patterns, which arise from the rushed modern lifestyle. The pressures of life are the triggers of intensive drug abuse. Yoga restores the mind to a peaceful and power-infused state.

Equine therapy

Horseback riding sounds like a luxury. Most people ignore the fundamentals of the activity by labeling it and dismissing it to be an expensive hobby. Introducing horses to the drug rehab centre in Vancouver is a progressive way of accelerating changes in the mind and the persona.

A horse is not a docile cuddle creature. Therefore, the candidate responsible for its feeding and grooming has to work around forming a natural relationship bond that is not violent in any degree. The intelligence of the horse requires that its caretakers and riders have a decent amount of humanity and ability to nurture trust. Working with a horse instills the following skills:

  • Confidence
  • Balance of emotions
  • Patience
  • Sense of responsibility

Dialectical behavioral therapy

The treatment program is an invention of Dr. Marsha Linehan. The doctor observed that patients who faced suicidal thoughts had extreme conflictions on the next course of action after an episode of attempted suicide.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy was too difficult for one who did not wish to engage in life anymore. She, therefore, found that adopting a new and healthy persona was the only way one would look forward to the future.

Most people do not know if they should return to an old personality or form a new one while undergoing the worst stage of their life. DBT balances the conflict by explaining the connection between everything. Our professionals have enough knowledge to balance opposing forces and illustrate why change is a constant and quintessential part of life.


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