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Social Scientist

Social Scientist – Dr. Gail Siler PhD

Dr. Gail Siler is a renowned social scientist and international consultant who specializes in the field of positive health and wellness. For the past twenty-five years she has provided her consultation services to corporations, international organizations and communities to help people create positive change and focus in their lives.

For many years, Dr. Siler was an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and taught at Humber College School of Business. Throughout her career, Gail has worked tirelessly in a variety of areas of the health sector to bring a greater understanding about the benefits of positive health to governments, the business sector, health practitioners and consumers. Her book, Directing Change and Changing Directions: A New Health Policy for Canada, explains the changes we are experiencing in Canada.

Dr. Siler also consults with the World Health Organization to assist them in developing a health promotion policy initiative. She served as faculty for several World Health Organization conferences and was visiting scientist in Scotland and Copenhagen, working on WHO initiatives as well as visiting scientist with the Kings Fund, England.

For the past decade, Dr. Siler has actively worked with schools, community centres and individuals in activities that support and encourage positive health. She has pioneered in the creation of integrative brain workshops and courses; Gail has created the Champions of Change Program and the Inner Entrepreneur Program, which engage clients to use both left and right brain skills in the process of building their inner success skill sets.

In her own words, “My work is about change: its stages, the process, and the effects of change as expressed through art or as shared with fellow humans who are living through changes in their own lives. Through my own life experiences, I have learned about the power, fear, exhilaration and alchemy of change. This knowledge I share through my workshops, courses and counseling.

Working with humans to coach, guide and support them to become more whole gives me the same feeling of awe. When we undergo change we put ourselves in an alchemical crucible. By giving our dreams permission to come alive, moving into and beyond our own fears and allowing the old us to die, we give birth to a new and wondrous self. Each of us is on our own journey to recover our wholeness.”

Dr. Siler is known for her unique light-hearted and dynamic workshop style that successfully marries practical business methods with creativity techniques, drawing on both the right and left sides of the brain. “Nothing pleases me more than watching the ‘aha!’ light turn on inside of people.”