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Fraser Valley Wellness Center is a private, fully licensed disorder and addiction treatment centre in Abbotsford. Our centre primarily treats people from the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Mainland. We provide affordable trauma rehab and therapy programs for effective trauma treatment. Fraser Valley Wellness has medical doctors and other professionals who specialize in addiction and trauma treatment.

Trauma is the result of a deeply disturbing and distressing event that can be the root of countless mental illnesses and substance abuse. Traumatic events can range from a messy divorce to death and war. Trauma is commonly most associated with depression, anxiety and PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Trauma can make a person feel powerless and out of control. Traumatic experiences frequently involve extreme danger to life or security, but can be any circumstance that results in feeling overwhelmed and alone. A traumatic event can destroy a person’s sense of security, creating feelings of vulnerability. It can take years to recover and feel secure again without treatment or it can be resolved sooner with professional trauma treatment.

Kinds of trauma include sexual abuse and-or assault, physical abuse and-or assault, emotional or psychological abuse, neglect, a critical accident or illness, domestic violence (victim or witness), community violence (victim or witness) and other traumatic events.

Trauma Treatment

At Fraser Valley Wellness Center, our trauma treatment strategies and support can hasten recovery. Even if the trauma took place years ago, therapeutic intervention can facilitate positive changes. It’s not the event that determines if an event is traumatic, but the emotional experience and result of that event. The more terrified and powerless the feelings, the more likely there will be ongoing trauma.

Here are some trauma warning signs that may signal the need for trauma treatment:

  • Difficulty functioning at home and-or work
  • Experiencing extreme fear, anxiety or depression
  • Difficulty with close relationships
  • Alarming memories, nightmares or flashbacks
  • Extreme aversion to every reminder of the trauma
  • Feeling a lack of emotion and detachment from others
  • Substance abuse – using alcohol or drugs to feel better

Emotional and psychological trauma has many causes. Some frequently missed causes include surgery (mainly in the first 3 years after birth), the unexpected death of somebody dear, divorce or end of a significant relationship, or a profoundly embarrassing or extremely disappointing incident, especially if it involves deliberate cruelty.

Consequences of trauma can consist of constant fatigue, trouble sleeping, nightmares, fear, unhappiness, loneliness, anger, irritability, mood swings, trouble concentrating, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame and feeling disconnected or emotionless.

Trauma Treatment and Therapies

Fraser Valley Wellness Center staff has decades of combined experience in the mental health field. Our treatment programs are tailored to each individual and their unique circumstances allowing each person to recover at a pace suited to their own needs.

If you need help, give us a call and a facilitator will walk you through your treatment options. You can also schedule a free, no obligation PHONE CONSULTATION on therapy for trauma treatment.