Drug Rehab

We are a call centre here to support and facilitate the process of getting you or your loved one into detox and/or treatment for drug and alcohol misuse. We work with the best facilities in the country and have lived a life of addiction ourselves.  We are in Recovery now and want to help those still struggling.

Addiction is a chronic disease that deeply affects the way our mind and body functions. It is not uncommon for the byproducts of addiction to result in negative outcomes in almost all areas of someone’s life.  Addiction is a progressive, fatal disease, but treatable.

Detox, or detoxification, is the process of eliminating drugs from the body. The objective of detox rehab is to safely deal with withdrawal symptoms once someone stops using drugs. Every experience with rehabilitation is different. The kind of drug and how long it was taken influence what rehab will be like. Our centres offer a safe, comfortable environment, providing skills and knowledge to enable clients to achieve long term recovery from drug abuse.

For most drugs, detox rehab can take days or months to get through withdrawal symptoms. The extent of withdrawal and time to rehabilitate is determined by a variety of issues:

  • Type of substance the person is dependent on
  • How long the addiction has gone on
  • The seriousness of the addiction
  • Manner of abuse (snorting, smoking, injecting, or ingesting)
  • Volume of the drug the person takes at a single time
  • Family history
  • Genetic makeup
  • Physical and mental health conditions
Medically Supervised Drug Rehab

Medically supervised detox is much safer and more comfortable than detoxing at home. Our drug addiction programs are comprised of professional guidance from therapists and doctors and the aid of prescription medications to lessen the worst and most dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Some drugs cause more severe physical dependency, making medical detox more critical for safe withdrawal. Medical detox is always necessary for withdrawal from benzodiazepines and opiates because of the possibility of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and the high probability of relapse during the rehab process.

Effective detox is different for each person, requiring a personalized rehab program to suit individual needs and circumstances. Our centres tailor programs to fit an individual’s need for drug rehab.

Rehab Detox Steps

An evaluation is the first step in drug rehab. This involves determining the physical and mental conditions that may influence the process. Blood tests are used to ascertain the level of drugs in the system, which determines the amount of medications that are required. An evaluation of drug, medical and psychiatric background helps set up a personalized long-term program.

The next step is to establish the safest path for the client going forward. Doctors can prescribe drugs to lessen withdrawal symptoms and avoid medical complications. Then we prepare the patient for the treatment process so they know what to expect.

Inpatient, doctor supervised detoxification offers the best probability of a successful rehabilitation. Detox is only the first part of drug addiction recovery and alone typically isn’t enough for long-term success. Counseling, support groups or an inpatient rehab program are needed to address the deeper, underlying issues of the addiction, which can be one or all of the following:

  • Chemical imbalance
  • Unresolved events from the past
  • Beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with what is true
  • Inability to cope with current conditions
Private Rehab

Our centres offer a safe and comfortable environment for withdrawal management services, which include medically supervised detoxification and 24 hour care and support.

In addition, we provide inpatient treatment plans that provide the highest level of care to ensure long-term recovery.

If you need help immediately give us a call. You can also schedule a free, no obligation PHONE CONSULTATION on programs for drug rehab.