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Employee Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Employee Drug and Alcohol Addiction

An alcoholic or drug addicted employee can be devastating to a company, especially their bottom line. In most cases the decision to terminate an addicted employee is obvious. However, in some cases the employee may be worth saving, or turning around. Fraser Valley Wellness is a private, fully licensed treatment center that provides addiction treatment for employees.

Usually the employees worth saving are company superstars. These are often the people who generate large revenues but their performance has degraded over time due to an addiction. Turning this type of employee around can result in dynamic revenue growth being restored. Fraser Valley Wellness Center can also do an evaluation and assess the best strategy for the treatment of an employee’s addiction.

The cost of employee addictions

In Canada, the yearly cost of productivity loss as a result of addiction and drug abuse is approximately $11.8 billion. Alcoholic or drug addicted employees work at approximately 70% of their capability and are three times more prone to being involved in a workplace accident. Absenteeism, chronic lateness or simple unproductivity for 30 to 40% of their working schedule is also problematic with employee addiction. This means substantial costs for employers, as well as a harmful impact on morale and safety in the workplace. Terminating such employees is not the only option. A company also benefits when helping and supporting alcoholic, or drug addicted employees, with addiction treatment.

Addiction treatment for employees has more monetary value than less absenteeism, lateness and increased productivity. Benefits of having a rehabilitated employee include less on-the-job mistakes, accidents, injuries and disability expenses. There is also increased morale, decreased discord amongst staff and lower costs related to firing, hiring and training. Decreased legal liabilities and minimizing any possible negative effect on the company’s reputation and trust can also be advantageous when supporting an alcoholic or addicted employee with addiction treatment.

Warning signs of employee addiction

Signs of alcohol abuse and drug addiction are not always obvious and can evolve slowly thus staying under the radar. Here are some warning signs of employee addiction:

  • escalating absenteeism, particularly on Mondays and Fridays
  • prolonged lunch breaks, lengthy times away from work station
  • consistent lateness to work and/or leaving early
  • deteriorating productivity and/or missed deadlines
  • difficulty with concentration or focusing on a specific task
  • talk of family conflict or dysfunction
  • change, deterioration in appearance
  • change in attitude, including increased irritability
  • more work accidents/incidents, errors in judgment
Getting an Employee Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction are problems that pervade every facet of a person’s life – including work. Effective addiction treatment is equally beneficial to employer and employee. Companies that aid and support addiction treatment for their employees are advocating their investment in those employees.

Give us a call and one of our facilitators can answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can also schedule a free, no obligation consultation on addiction treatment for an employee.