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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention

Fraser Valley Wellness Center is a fully licensed addiction treatment center that provides professional intervention services for people with a disorder, drug addiction and alcohol addiction. We are located in Abbotsford and provide interventions in The Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver. A controlled opportunity to make changes before matters get worse is the objective of an addiction intervention.

People struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can be in denial about their situation and the destructive consequences their behavior has on themselves and the people around them. An intervention program is mainly for families having trouble convincing their loved one they have a substance abuse problem that needs to be fixed with treatment. Providing information about treatment to an individual struggling, while extending support to their family, is the basis of an addiction intervention.

Planning an Intervention

The interventionists consist of an admissions coordinator and a therapist who are there to provide information, support, a professional opinion and a helping hand. The interventionists explain how treatment works in a detailed manner, answering any questions anyone may have. Getting a loved one to accept they have a problem, while establishing a desire for recovery is the focus and “point” of an intervention.

An effective intervention should be planned carefully, as a badly planned intervention can make matters worse, leaving the person feeling harassed and thus becoming more secluded and opposed to getting help.

This is why it is important to enlist the help of a professional interventionist who will take into consideration the specific situation and advise on an appropriate plan for intervening.

Four types of Interventions

An intervention is usually required when a person is struggling with alcohol and drug abuse (illegal or prescription drugs), or process addictions, such as compulsive eating, gambling, shopping, sex and gaming. The severity and circumstances of the addiction is the determining factors on how to intervene.

Here are the main Four Types of Interventions:

Simple intervention: Where a single family member, or close friend, meet with the dependent individual to ask them to stop their compulsive behavior and start an addiction treatment program. This one-on-one approach is the least intimidating and therefore can be effective.

Traditional intervention: Starts with a meeting comprised of everyone but the addicted individual. This kind of intervention may enlist counsellors and provide edification for participating family and friends. An interventionist helps to prepare every person for the possible results of the intervention.

Family system intervention: When several people within a family struggle with abuse issues, this tactic can take care of the addiction and the family relationships. Family members are urged to take part in the healing process after the intervention, as the addicted person profits from a more positive family experience and gains more incentive to recover.

Crisis intervention: When a crisis happens that makes it obvious that rehab is required immediately. With no time to plan, an impromptu intervention may be needed. This would involve circumstances where the addicted individual has come to be a danger to himself and-or the people around him. Some tough love may be required to stabilize the situation and rehab should follow immediately.

There can be some overlap in these types of interventions, but the main objective is to intervene, and emphasize the need for healthy change in the way of successful rehab treatment.

Time for an Intervention?

Addictions can decimate a person’s life when left untreated. Many addicts just don’t realize how badly their addictions are affecting themselves and their loved ones. Intervention is a wakeup call.

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