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Reintegration after Treatment

The reintegration after treatment program at Fraser Valley Wellness provides recovering patients with techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment is over. Reintegration is an important step after rehab. Two weeks before a patient completes their treatment is usually the best time to commence reintegration.

Reintegration assists patients to stay on the road of recovery and reintegrate to a normal life, while maintaining their mental well-being or sobriety. We provide our patients with access to community programs and support systems, keeping them on track to living their best life.

Being held accountable and being reminded of techniques learnt in rehabilitation is an excellent way of staying on the path of sobriety, health, and well-being. Reintegration into the family is just as important as reintegrating into society. While participating in reintegration treatments, family members of the patient are invited to Fraser Valley Wellness Center to participate in therapy sessions.

The more support there is available, and the more prepared family is to help, the better the possibilities are for a successful social reintegration.

Benefits of Reintegration

Reintegration into everyday life is a critical factor in rehabilitation, with new principles, behaviors and outlooks being put into practice in the outside world. Fraser Valley Wellness Center prepares clients for reintegration into society by developing useful strategies and building the self-confidence to cope with harmful influences and the pressures of daily life.

At Fraser Valley Wellness, clients are given the opportunity to practice these new social skills through every day exchanges at the center, leisure activities, family visits and organized day trips. Programmed visits and outings not only assist with gradual reintegration into society, but also provide family and friends the chance to better see the progress that has been made, and to begin to learn how to best give support going forward.

Exit Strategy after Rehab

At Fraser Valley Wellness Center, clients and staff work together on an exit strategy, involving all facets of life after rehab.

This strategy involves where they will live, work, or go to school, continuing aid including therapy, building beneficial relationships with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers, and staying physically and mentally healthy while dealing with the pressures and cravings they may face.

This method, known as ‘sustained recovery management’, is a progressive change to the less effective ‘admit, treat and discharge’ method, which frequently results in a revolving-door of significant dropout levels and relapse after treatment.

Here are some areas of recovery assistance covered during reintegration:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Family, community assistance and leisure interests
  • Secure lodging
  • Support of friends and colleagues
  • Employment
  • Resolving of any legal matters
  • Development of job skills and-or education
  • Reintegration into society
  • Discovering, or rediscovering a sense of purpose in life

Before finishing the residential part of the rehabilitation program, Fraser Valley Wellness clients have a plan for where they will live, what they will do and how they will cope with the many challenges they will face.

Treatment and Reintegration

Fraser Valley Wellness Center offers support and education to those whose loved ones are participating in a treatment program. If you are in need of our professional services then give us a call, or schedule a free, no obligation PHONE CONSULTATION on rehab programs and reintegration.