Womens Programs

Our womens centre offers addiction recovery services for female youth and adult women. Their team of experts helps clients to overcome their addictions and get their lives back.  

They have specific alcohol rehab programs and an extensive drug rehab program, so that female youth and adult women can fight their demons and reclaim their lives. There are different treatment programs that are specific to the kind of addiction that women are struggling with. So many women suffer at the hands of their addiction every year in Canada, and their goal is to provide some normalcy back into their lives. Their staff is committed to providing a safe and understanding environment, which is free of any kind of judgement so that women can seek help in comfort.

The addiction treatment programs are extensive and designed to help female youth and adult women get on the path of recovery. Some of the treatment programs offered are:

  • Youth and Emerging Adult Program (YEAP)
  • Adult Addiction Treatment Program (AATP)
  • Virtual Recovery Program (VR)
  • Ongoing Recovery Program (OGR)
  • Recovery Housing (RH)
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Family Support

To learn more about our programs, please contact us directly.